What is Women’s Group Training? 

Each Women’s Group training class is led by our awesome Dynamic Performance Coach Renee Porcelli. Renee will begin each class with a group warm-up, leading and demonstrating each new move. We begin the class with breathing, stretching, and progressively speed up. Then we begin our strength and core circuit! We’ll teach you how to properly do squats, push-ups, planks and rows in order to help you increase your strength and keep your heart rate up! Next up is cardio—the fitness and endurance portion. We’ll use a variety of exercises in this section, and the goal is to keep you moving, get your heart rate up, burn calories, and have fun! We end the class with a cool down. The optional third day of training is a fun and upbeat class dedicated to improving cardio and burning calories!

Throughout each workout, we will be there to ensure everyone is working at their individual pace, as well as using proper technique with an emphasis on injury prevention. These groups have been a blast and the individual results have been incredible! 

Who is Women’s Group Training For? 

This group is for women of all ages! Many of the women who join our group training have never worked out before, or are looking for a jumpstart to get back into working out! No matter your skill level, this is an excellent option. 

Most women who come in to sign up share that they’re nervous, but we find that this anxiety quickly goes away! It’s important to us to create welcoming, non-threatening environment. Plus, all of our coaches are skilled at modifying exercises to fit your specific needs. If you have a pre-existing injury, you don’t have to worry about sitting out—we want to put you in a position to succeed, whatever your fitness goals are! 

What to Expect at Your First Session

Be prepared to get a great workout in your very first session! Come to class wearing loose-fitting athletic clothing, gym shoes, and bring a water bottle. We encourage our members to have a light snack 30 minutes to 1 hour before training.

Each class is led by our awesome Dynamic Performance Coach Renee Porcelli, and she shows you exactly how to do each new exercise. 


With this class, many of our clients are able to get back into a good exercise routine, achieve weight loss goals, increase their overall energy, learn to feel comfortable in a gym setting, and make improvements to mental functions, overall mobility, and strength! 

And of course, many of our clients learn how to have fun while improving their fitness levels. 

Schedule & Rates 

For our 2x/week program, it is a flat rate of $96 for 1 month ($12/session). We also have a 3x/week program that is a flat rate of $144 for 1 month ($12/session). Most women begin the class at the beginning of a month, but we also have those who jump into a class at all times of the month. 


  • This month-long program runs 2 or 3x/week
  • Each session is 1 hour

Session options include:


  • Monday/Wednesday or a Tuesday/Thursday option at 6:30-7:30pm  
  • Monday/Wednesday morning option at 10:00-11:00am 
  • Tuesday/Thursday morning option at 7:00-8:00am


Addition of Women's Cardio Class  (Friday or Saturday)

  • Friday morning 10:00-11:00am 
  • Saturday morning cardio class at 9:00-10:00am 


We do not refund unused training. However, we may be able to roll unused training into future use at the gym. 

Our philosophy at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning is that every individual—regardless of fitness level, age, gender, or goals—receives the best results from a comprehensive strength and conditioning program in a safe training environment coached by educated, experienced professionals. 

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