Diets Suck.

The DSC nutrition program is an online course aimed to change eating habits and lifestyle behaviors -- leading to incredible results!

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What is DSC's Online Nutrition Coaching Program?

Are you ready to transform?

Join our Nutrition Coaching Program that has helped hundreds of members improve their nutrition and health!

Our 3-month program is specifically geared towards helping you achieve your goals through:

  • Making it easy! We are here to clear the confusion around what to eat, when, and how much
  • Individual coaching
  • Keeping you consistent and accountable
  • Learning about and implementing better nutrition
  • Learning how to eat to fuel your workouts
  • Implementing the right skills and habits to make this a lifelong success 
  • Specific fat-loss meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists

The coaching experience is done virtual which is conducive to your busy schedule. 

You can now access DSC coaching anywhere in the world - right from your phone or computer.   

We start with our initial on-boarding process to get to know you and your goals. 

From there, our weekly content and communication with our members is then administered through email and our private online networking platforms for you and the other nutrition members only.  

Who is DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program for?

The program is ideal for people who want to lose weight, feel better, and/or increase their exercise performance.  

It is also for anyone who has tried to eat better on their own but had a hard time staying consistent.

Our coaches are here to make eating healthier and losing weight EASY! 

What can you expect to gain from the program?

Expect to transform!

Our program is specifically engineered to help you reach your weight-loss goals!

You can also expect to learn everything from how to eat for fat-loss, to basic cooking skills, to new recipes, and how to eat before and after your workouts. 

A common theme within the program is behavioral change, how to make healthy eating a habit. 

Unlike a lot of "diets", the program is designed to give you the tools and know how to make smart decisions on your own for the rest of your life. 

Participants can expect to be held accountable for their eating and exercise habits.  

Our coaches will be providing both individual and group coaching each week.

We look forward to working with you!

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