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Matt Skeffington

Matt’s primary role at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning is to make sure that our coaches and clients are consistently improving, all while operatin...

Matt’s primary role at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning is to make sure that our coaches and clients are consistently improving, all while operatin...

Nov 3 5 minutes read

One thing we know is the past year has been incredibly challenging and well, a weird time for most of us. 

Maybe you were able to get some workouts in from home and eat well over the past few months, but for many of us that just wasn't the case. 

The stress for most of us was hight and the motivation just wasn't quite there.

If you're like most:

  • You've been stressed this year

  • You haven't been able or motivated to get into a consistent workout routine

  • Your main mode of exercise has been walking but you know you need more to see the results you want

  • You're ready to take action towards building the strength of your immune system

  • You're looking to get motivated and start taking action towards your health

Welcome to our 30-Day Health and Fitness Jumpstart Program! 

It's time to take back your health! It's time to get started feeling your best!

Over the years here at DSC we've built quite a niche for helping our members get their health and fitness routine started. 

Most of the members who have joined our programs are brand new to working out or they were looking to get back into a consistent workout routine.

They wanted to feel better.

They wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and get into a fun and consistent workout routine.

They wanted to live a healthier life.

And they were tired of trying to figure it out on their own.

They then stepped out of their comfort zone, committed to change, and have absolutely thrived since joining DSC. They've thrived with the right amount of guidance, support, direction, and community!

Imagine joining a community of people just like you, excited to get started and excited for change.

Imagine the most friendly and supportive coaches taking you through every step of your workout. 

Never done anything like this before? 

Perfect! That's why we created this program!

We are here to slow things down and and help you get comfortable. 

Injuries? No problem! We have specific ways to work around any ache or pain. 

Ready to get started?

We've created a 30-Day Health and Fitness Jumpstart Program just for you!

This program is specifically designed to help you jumpstart your health and fitness.

It's 30-days of commitment and guidance to help you get started, take the guesswork out of losing weight, build some great momentum, and feel your BEST!

This is the exact fitness and health blueprint that has led to our biggest transformations.

And it's now available 100% online, right from your home!

It combines the 3 aspects of DSC that have made our members so successful:

1. Coach-led DSC workouts (at DSC or our online home workouts)
2. Weekly health and wellness coaching
3. Nutritional guidance & fat-Loss meal plans

Yes, we are combining our DSC workouts, health & wellness coaching, and our nutrition program into 30-days of support, direction, fun, health, and results!

1. Your DSC workouts:

You will have access to either Unlimited Classes here at DSC or Unlimited DSC Online Home Workouts for those not ready to return to the gym or who live too far from DSC. You can also mix and match coming to DSC and completing our Online Home Workouts.

During each workout, our coaches will take you step-by-step through exercises that are perfect for all levels and focus on:

  • Improving core and total-body strength

  • Increasing mobility, flexibility, and posture

  • Improving your overall fitness and endurance

  • Burning calories

  • Increasing your energy

  • Losing weight

2. Your weekly health and wellness coaching and tips:

After a long year of stress and worry, we are going to arm you with some of the best coaching and tips to improve your health both physically and mentally.

We are going to work to improve health and wellness areas that focus on:

  • Improving your immune system

  • Improving your sleep

  • Reducing stress

  • Learning how to properly breathe to de-stress and improve your workouts

  • Increasing total-body flexibility and decreasing stiffness 

  • Improving your daily healthy habits 

3. Online nutritional guidance and weekly fat-loss meal plans to help you:

  • Improve your diet

  • Learn to plan ahead

  • Create balanced meals

  • Eat mindfully (not because your bored or stressed)

  • Learn exactly how to eat for fat-loss

  • Eat the right foods to fuel for your day and workouts

  • Properly hydrate

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It's time to take back your health.

Our 30-Day Health and Fitness Jumpstart Program starts November 16th and we are opening spots for just 30 members!

You are going to LOVE the way you feel this holiday season!

Click below to reserve your spot! ⬇️

Join our 30-Day Health and Fitness Jumpstart Program starting November 16th!

30-days of support, guidance, and RESULTS! Space is LIMITED!

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